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Elephants Teeth

During my childhood, I was told that when a sick or old elephant is going to pass away, the elephant’s family would perform a ceremony. The elephant would then await its final moment undisturbed in a secret place nobody else knows. This image has since imprinted into...

X-Rays used in dental diagnostics is extremely safe

As a parent-to-be, it’s very understandable to worry about how X-Ray radiation will affect your pregnancy. Luckily, X-Rays used in dental diagnostics is extremely safe. The American College of Radiology has stated that the low level of radiation in...

Stay Sweet for summer with Manukau Road Dental

If your teeth are giving you pain after a sugar-filled holidays, the expert team at Manukau Road Dental should be your first call. With the long warm months of the new year ahead, dental hygiene can be the first thing to take a holiday amongst all the sweet summer...

Expert dental care with a gentle touch

If you’re looking for expert dental care with a friendly and gentle touch, then the team at Manukau Road Dental should be your first call. Dr Mike Che, Dr Mei Wang and Dr Raymond Abel offer the latest technology and treatments along with a caring approach. Mike, the...

Quality dental care doesn’t have to cost a lot

Providing outstanding dental care is something the Manukau Road Dental team has perfected, judging by their satisfied customers’ beautiful smiles and of course their huge referral business. Principle dentist, Dr Mike Che, associate dentists Dr Raymond Abel and Dr Mei...


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